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About the Artist Ron Whitacre

Ron Whitacre’s primary focus is sculpture created of welded steel.   His works, mainly depicting the human figure or animals in motion, are noted for their balance, power, grace, and sensitivity.   At every stage, from concept sketch to final selection of the appropriate base, Whitacre creates and executes his work himself.   His process is individual and it is this quality that makes a Whitacre sculpture unique and a work of art valued by collectors as “one of a kind.”   His work includes major architectural sculptures, some measuring over forty feet in length, as well as hundreds of smaller pieces.   Collectors of his work include churches, synagogues, medical and business centers, and many private collectors.

Whitacre studied painting and commercial art at the Dayton Art Institute in Ohio before moving to Southern California in the mid 1960’s.   Soon after his move, he transitioned to sculpture, which has continued to be his main emphasis.   He currently lives and works in Laguna Beach where his sculpture known as “Harmony,” a large steel composition of a man, woman, and child, has arched over the entrance to the Art-A-Fair since 1998.   His most recent sculptural works are steel pieces inspired by the grace and movement of dancers, acrobats, musicians, and goddesses.

Ron enjoys working with clients who have a special project in mind and excels at producing individualized works for homes and commercial settings.

Artist Working!

At the Laguna Beach Studio working on the Lovers.