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Call today to make an appointment to visit!  Ron Whitacre looks forward to hearing from you.  He will create a private showing of the pieces you are interested in.  He also offers events giving you a more formal fun evening to enjoy  more pieces set up around the house and garden.  Ron Whitacre also really enjoys creating custom pieces.  Do you have a favorite animal, musical instrument, or other theme you would like to see come to life?  Ron would love to hear your ideas and create the perfect piece for you!

3rd Anual Art Showcase!

Join us for a Champagne Toast on June 2, 2018!

Check out Ron Whitacre's latest pieces. 

Plus work by Katie Lang Slattery.

Please RSVP through Eventbrite.

You can also find us at local shows in Burbank on April 14-15.  

And San Diego on June 9-10.  

Artist Working!

At the Laguna Beach Studio working on the Lovers.


Work is also featured on Xanadu Gallery website